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Visiting a house for appraisal:
  Itsang: "Good afternoon. I am the appraiser. May I come into the house? I have to look at the entire house in order to appraise it. Also, I need to take a few pictures."
  Owner: "No Sir. You may not come into the house, nor take pictures."
  Itsang: "But I do need to take pictures, they are required for my report. I have to see the house and make measurements to appraise it correctly."
  Owner: "No Sir. That's not the way it's done."
  Itsang: "What do you mean?"
  Owner: "Don't you try to pull my leg. The other day another Mr. Appraiser came by. And he did not ask to come into the house, nor did he need to make any measurements. He only looked at the house from the outside and he was gone in no time. So, if he didn't need to do those things, why do you need to do them?"
  Itsang: ¡Plop! (No comments...)

One day in the streets of a northern city
  La Señora: "Who is that Asian-looking man that runs back and forth all over the place, climbing up to the top of the steel frames?"
  Worker: "Ma'am, that's the architect."
  La Señora: "Really? I've never heard of an architect that would climb up to the top of steel frames!"

A few days later...
  La Señora: "So, you are the architect?"
  Itsang: "Yes, Ma'am. May I help you?"
  La Señora: "Look, I own some business, and I have never seen another architect that gets so involved in the construction like you. I would like you to build my building, too. Would you be kind enough to write down your contact information for me?"
  Itsang: "Yes, of course."
Itsang took out a pen and started to write.
  La Señora: "Bah! You only use the cheap, plastic BiC pen!?"
(The Señora was shocked, perhaps the other architects that she knew would only use luxury pens, like Mont Blanc or Cross... But she hired Itsang's firm precisely because of their hands-on, no-nonsense character.)

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