Architecture, construction, advisory, and much more!
Construcciones de Alta Tecnología Ltda.
Av. Ejército Libertador 139, Of. 305
Santiago, Chile


Even during his time as a student, Itsang took part in various trainings outside his required studies. In this way he was able to acquire expertise in appraisal, accounting, AutoCad, software utilities, languages, etc. And after he entered the working world, he continued to expand his fields of experience on a daily basis. These fields now include areas such as:

Architecture-related areas

  • Feng-Shui, theory and practice
  • Projects and construction details related to architecture
  • Construction works in general
  • Administration of construction work
  • Inspection of construction work
  • Purchase of construction materials
  • Call for construction propasals in general
  • Volumetric analysis and quote issuing for construction work
  • General contracts for execution of work and for subcontractors
  • Real-Estate investment
  • Property appraisal
  • Real-Estate brokerage
  • Property administration
  • Management of real-estate projects
  • Examination of property titles
  • Contracts for porperty sale and leasing
  • Work issues related to labor laws in the construction sector
  • Administration of construction and real-estate enterprises

Areas beyond architecture

  • General accounting
  • Official translation and interpreting
  • Application of business licences
  • Import and export
  • Immigration
  • Management of financing
  • General investment, investment funds, foreign exchange rate trends
  • Work issues in general

Meta-Architecture is more than just a cliché. It is a way of life. Business owners who know Itsang well often ask for his advice on matters outside of construction. The truth is that Itsang has always served as a "Think-Tank" for business people. Itsang's role is backed by a profound knowledge of Chilean society on all social strata, a broad network of professional contacts, and a long track record in solving complex issues that affect business enterprises. These business owners have peace of mind when they seek Itsang's advice because they know that they can count on his experience, honesty and confidentiality. Throughout the years, it is this trustworthiness that has made Itsang stand out from the crowd.

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